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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy '06!

17 days into the new year and I'm finally back to blogging. Got no resolutions just big plans, big plans. New Year's Eve was crazy fun! Went to Brooklyn had Champagne with my girl and then around 1am we headed to 275 Grand where we danced, drank ginger martinis and sang to classics like P-Funk's Knee Deep. The place was packed with the usual beautiful Grand set-- Sharon, Michaela, Barron, MeShell, Jacquette, Jeffrey, Eric. If this is how my first few hours of 2006 went down, I can't begin to tell you how friggin' excited I am about this year!

I am in no way confused about what I'd like to accomplish this year-- secure a book deal, get fit, capitalize on some Hotness ish and domestic organization top my list of priorities. I've come to realize that it's all about being disciplined, creative and confident. Personally I haven't been able to harness all three of these qualities simultaneously in quite some time, but I'm feeling like all my stars are aligning with the sun and this is going to be the year I really get my swerve on. Other things I'd love to do and accomplish would be to see this play, visit this country especially since I read that more than 400 million women worldwide are illiterate, but not one of them is from there, buy these, learn more of this, read this and take classes to improve this. Ha, I'm exhausted already! So what are some your goals for '06?


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