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Friday, November 18, 2005


Ahhh, it's finally Friday (check out this hilarious image from Strangebrew). That means Happy Hour at my spot and because it's November, that means college basketball. There have been a couple of blowouts (Go Duke!) in these opening days, but I'm still hyped for tonight's game.

Tomorrow night is Love Noir, Love Yourself and honestly I am just as curious as I am excited. I met this sister at the NOW panel I attended last month and she is producing this event that is sub-titled A Sista's Night of Self Seduction. I mean this self-seduction thing sounds like it could be freaky-deaky, but she promises no Rabbits just body massages, spa manicures, and skin care consulting. And get this: It’s all supposed to be free. I'm going to check it out even though it's being held at The Corridor Gallery all the way in Clinton Hill. So hopefully KA, KG and/or BH will be down to roll with me since I will be in their neck of the woods.


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