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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Get Tested!

Today is World AIDS Day and a reminder that if you are getting your swerve on that you need to get tested, or as the folks over here say, "Rap It Up!" HIV/AIDS is ravaging communities of color across the world. It is the #1 cause of death among Black people between the ages of 24 and 44. In 2003, the rate of AIDS diagnoses for African-American women was 25 times that of white women. African American and Hispanic women together represent about 25% of all US women, yet they accounted for 83% of AIDS diagnoses reported in 2003: 67% African-American, 16% Latina. This issue affects us all!

Read this interview I did with my friend and AIDS activist Hydeia Broadbent. You may have seen her on Oprah many years ago or this year on Extreme Home Makeover. Born with the HIV virus, her parents were told that she would not live to see her 8th birthday, this year she turned 21! And folks think Xena is all that? Yo, Hydeia is a real warrior grrrl!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy world aids day.

now, i just have to get this off my chest and unfortunately have not found a more appropriate site but...

has anyone seen the photographic display -The Art of Eating- at Harlem's AmyRuth Restaurant??!!!

it is by far the most narcissistic display of amateur bravado i have seen in a long time. what makes the owner believe that his purchase of what is obviously a fine camera, will act as an admission of talent. who wishes to see people eating with their mouths agape. honestly, some of the shots, excluding the actual food, could serve as porn shots.

i asked a waitress how the prints were selling - oh yes, he's selling for some serious dough - $350 and up - and to my great surprise she has only heard wonderful commentary. amazing.

i cannot be the only one who thinks this is a horrible display. yes the little boy with the hot dog was cute. but the JohnLegend shots?

please, check it out.

12/02/2005 12:01 AM

Anonymous Koketso said...

I got you bookmarked grrrrrrrrrrrrl

1/04/2006 4:26 PM


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