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Monday, November 28, 2005


I've always wanted to know what it would be like to sing lead in a funky, raucous rock ensemble, to be an art educator in the hood, experiment with the resonance of musical vibrations on a drum machine, and perform spoken word and travel to far off countries. Well now I have a pretty good idea after discovering this blog. I actually saw LaTasha N. two weeks ago at The Studio Museum and she was talking about the brutal honesty of her blogging. So needless to say I spent the first two hours this past Saturday morning reading every single entry. It’s so juicy and poetic! Latasha is extremely personal and descriptive about what she shares about her life. From the fight with her roommate to her need for prayer and exercise to her passion and her challenges as an artist, Ms. Diggs does not hold back.

On the West, my comrade of three years, Miranda Jane aka Mirajuana, who I’ve incidentally never spoken to (outside of our emails) or even met, is holding it down right here. MJ is a long-winded blogger who could never be accused of not giving her peeps enough content to read, and thank god, because she is one of the few chicas out there living and breathing the beats, rhymes and the history of hiphop. Her blog is tight with stories and poetry about B-Girls, cholos, her respect for Oxun and the importance of knowing how to cook good Spanish food.

Other grrrls doing their blog thing include Felicia who has the 411 on book publishing and Black authors, Danyel who loves basketball and cooking almost as much as I do, and Lynne who seems to know the latest in tech and online developments. Yeah we got our own thing!


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