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Monday, November 14, 2005


I've been thinking a lot about the future. From a global POV it seems so grim with AIDS ravaging Africans and African-Americans, threats of the avian flu creating a pandemic here and around the world. It's all so crazy. I had already come to grips with the probability that I will not see a cent of my social security dollars due to this bumbling gov't we have in power, but now that seems so small when folks from the NO are still suffering from Katrina's devastation. So lately I’ve been going out more. Hanging with friends and trying to stretch myself, my mind, my spirit.

I was definitely on the move this past week. I went to the She’s My DJ Battle on Tuesday at SOBS. At first I didn’t feel like going because I had not heard of any of the ladies scheduled to spin (I just love DJ Reborn) and so in my snobbery thought wack juice was going to served straight-up all night long.

But the first 2 ladies were FIYA and the remaining five kinda got smoked except for this Latina named Chela who was really creative with her skills. She mixed in a cow mooing with Ja saying it’s murder with Damian Marley's Welcome To Jamrock (anotha murda hook). She came in 3rd place and would have done better had she been using headphones. It was crazy ol’ school up in there too! Red Alert was hosting, Ralph McDaniels from Video Music Box (I lived for that show!) was judging, vinyl was being exchanged, fat laces and Kangols all up the place. DJ Sparkles from Philly did her thing and took the crown. Red gave a pretty thorough history of female dj’s and hip-hop making us all nostalgic for Jazzy Joyce and Baby Dee.

On Wednesday I went to the opening of Frequency at The Studio Museum. It was an aight exhibition but overall I wasn’t really crazy for any one specific work although Xaviera Simmons’ High Seasoned Brown was powerful and some of the collage was very interesting. The highlight: Going to Native afterwards where I had the most spirited and delightful conversation with Gregory Gray, a colleague from my days--back in the day-- at Essence. He was also at the opening and we just gabbed about people, art, Harlem and of course Essence.

And Essence is pretty much the theme of my remaining outings for the week. I went to my neighbor George Alexander’s book signing sponsored by Essence on Thursday and to the Essence Showhouse with my mom on Sunday. The signing, for Queens was more like a reading meets a Chicago hair show. What one can do with a pack of yak yak and some glue is absolutely mind blowing! The Showhouse, which closes next Sunday is gorgeous. Courtney Sloane’s layout of the main floor triplex is off the chain! From there, my mom and I went to a cocktail party celebrating this. I thought this would be corny but it turned out to be fun. Folks had to guess which character you were by the quote you recited. How much fun did I have saying to the bartender, “You just a big ol’heifer!” The Color Purple has so many great lines and everyone has their favorite. Mine: Til you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail.” I will without a doubt be seeing this play sometime next month. Overall it was a great week of seeing people and art; Talking about books and interior design. I feel like I’m just getting limber.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite line from the Color Purple: "give us us free! give us us free!!"
Hmmm.. I think it was from Amistad...sorry

The Color Purple event was kinda cute and it was fun and the show will be a big hit this season. so you better git your tix

Re: Paula's Kitchen (the cooking show on the food network)...i love her! Her recipes are LOADED with fat stuff: cheese! butta! eggs! cream! and then she'll throw in some...starch! Rice...grits..taters...and then swear Country cookin' makes you good lookin'
Her show works 'cause she's familiar (everybody knows a white lady like her) and her recipes are familiar (who DON'T like cheese! butta! cream! and eggs!!)they make you want to go home - for a minute. Or remember why you left in the first place.

11/20/2005 2:16 AM


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