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Monday, November 21, 2005

Brooklyn's Finest

Brooklyn is still rocking strong even though Biggie is gone, Lil Kim is on lock and Jay is retired. Never mind that today's Ellen Degeneres show was filmed in BK and that she had two of the flyest Latinas to conquer Hollywood in the house-- Rosie Perez and Rosario Dawson. Never mind that as gentrified as Fort Green and Clinton Hill are there are still pockets of soul on Fulton, Atlantic and Dekalb and Junior's is still da spot for cheesecake. Never mind all that cause Brooklyn's Finest seems to be the ladies. They are doing the damn thing out there! The Love Noir, Love Yourself event at Danny Simmons gallery was fresh and was produced by just one sista and it was big. There were manicures and makeovers and skin care consultations-- lots of shea butter, jojoba oil and lemongrass. Kamilah Forbes from The HipHop Theater Festival and Def Poetry stopped by and says that she will be leaving her Clinton Hill pad for Paris to begin a theater residency. From there my grrrl Aissata, another CH’er, suggested we head to this place she had been to once that had decent drinks. The place was Grand 275 and it had been on my list for almost a year to check out. Dwayne, the photographer, was spinning Fela and there were three ladies dressed entirely in gold (like carnival gold-- body paint and everything) sitting at the bar. First thoughts about Grand: eccentric like a mutha, fake like Erykah Badu with lock extensions to her knees, and probably pricey like anotha mutha. So I take it slow and order cranberry and Ketel One. It’s only $7 (wow!) and the bartender is mad personable (say word). I found out the Golden Grrrls had been in a fashion show held earlier and that usually on a Saturday night the sisters keep the gold makeup within the confines of their eyelids and lips (whew!)... Duane puts on Black Gold Of The Sun, I see Laini Madhubuti from The Schomburg celebrating her birthday. I’m feeling like I can trust this spot and so I order a raspberry ginger martini. Yummy and it’s only $8! I turn around and get a “what’s up hotness?” It’s MeShell and she too is a CH grrrl. She tells me that she just finished her reggae/ dub record and is enjoying some much needed time off. Damn it’s like Cheers for fly a*s BK grrrls up in this piece. Michaela, Jacquette, Sharon, and Julia are there too. On second thought this place is real like Erykah with her caesar. I get hugs, a few what the hell’s and even a buyback. Intoxicating. The space is a whirl of dancing, laughter, and chatter. Barron and his beautiful wife roll in. Another ginger martini. The designer Dudumoko and even Brianna is in the house. Brianna y’all! This is historic. Mad fun. I left at 4 am. Drunk. Happy. Golden.

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