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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Grrrls Gone Wild

What's up with some grrrls? Is something in the air? Is Mercury in retrograde? It seems as if there's a growing cipher of chicks who have gone coo coo for cocoa puffs or have been accused of such or should I say, their stylists and housekeepers have been accused. Dang where do I even begin, well maybe I’ll start with the most ignant-- those Flavor Flav chicks! These girls are trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame by only milleseconds from the look of this tour. Be gone will you!

And Naomi’s back to being Angry Black Model. I swear her phone has tapped more heads than this chick! LOL .. But seriously she’s got issues and wearing this t-shirt and making nice with Tyra doesn’t begin to hide that fact. Talking about shirts you can get one of your own here, but I prefer these cause we all know if she was to hit the hotnessgrrrl, getting stitches would be the least of her concerns.

Next up is Jack of J*Davey, the small band making big noise. Well she’s not so much crazy as she is annoyed but we all know there is a thin line between being someone who is committed and being committed. I don’t even know why she’s ranting in the first place everywhere I look she's getting mad love. I even gave her props and that’s after I saw her perform live against a backdrop of bad, blurred porn, which of course was blamed on the housekeeper, er.. club promoter.

And Chrissy McKinney went straight wildin’ on that security guard and on Capitol Hill no less. What's up? A grrrl can’t change her hairstyle without mad drama ensuing. All of us sisters know that Black hair can be just as political as any debate around immigration. I remember 10 years ago when I was working HR at Smith Barney and I decided I wanted to lock my hair and how I had to have a word with my director. Who does this?!? Black women that’s who! I guess in this case we could blame the stylist, but Rep. McKinney has decided to take the high road, bite the bullet and apologize.

Speaking of bullets and hair, did you hear about that woman in the Bronx whose weave caught that stray bullet? Her joint must have been unbeweavably crazy! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

India.Arie who has since cut her locks is also talking, well singing, about hair and the remix is crazy nice.

Cocoa Girl has also taken note of grrrls who have gone wild and has pics to prove it. Check it out, keep it cool and ladies, let’s keep it tight.

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Blogger Cocoa Girl said...

You haven't said anything but a word! I am actually kind of concerned to one day bring children into this country. Everybody is so being crazy and selfish and non-respectful of life nowadays.

Thanks for the shot out:) Did you attend the buppiefest party held by Columbia Biz School (Black Student Association) this past Friday?

4/10/2006 3:38 PM

Blogger Nichelle said...

Hey there N,

Didn't know you were on Blogger - how's it going?

We must all be on this grrrls gone wild vibe - I touched on it a little in my post today.

Did somebody slip some stupidazz desensitizer into one of those celebrity gift bags or something?

4/10/2006 7:53 PM

Blogger Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

Isn't that a trip that we have to put so much work into changing our hairstyle?

When I was doing the corporate thing, I decided to get some rows. Just wanted a break. I didn't consult with anyone, but would be lying if I didn't admit that I was worried how it would impact being taken seriously.

Worked out fine...but made me damn mad that I even had to go there with the worry.

4/17/2006 12:55 PM


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