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Friday, March 24, 2006

3 Days--3 Things To Do

Tomorrow - Killing us softly with her song: This Saturday, the supa dupa and ultra-talented Roberta Flack will be performing at The Apollo Theater. Catch this legendary love song, baby making maestra at 8pm and see where Alicia, Lauryn and other biters get their inspiration.

Sunday - The Elite Eight: Watch NCAA basketball as the remaining 8 teams battle it out to make it to the Big Dance. I guarantee it will be way more exciting than your lame Knicks, Hornets or Lakers games.

Monday - It’s V-Day! Check out the all-star benefit performance of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues featuring Kerry Washington (Ray), Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child), Zoe Saldana (Guess Who?), Natalie Stewart (Floetry), Angie Martinez (Hot 97) and more! This is a must-see event that will benefit the Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS), a Harlem based nonprofit organization which provides specialized services to young women and girls ages 12-21 who have experienced domestic human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. In a time where Hollywood believes that a song about a pimp exploiting women cause he gotta pay the rent deserves an award, let us put our money on the dashboard and support this wonderful organization. Tickets are available ($35-250) for the one-time March 27th, 6:00PM performance through GEMS, the Apollo Box Office (212.531.5301) or Ticketmaster.com


Blogger Queens said...

You Go,

You are so informative, always keeping us up on whats happening out there in the urban jungle. Keep up the good work.

3/27/2006 9:08 AM

Blogger :her soledad: said...

Sounds like a super line-up for VM. I've seen it twice. It so rocks!

3/28/2006 2:17 AM

Blogger Hot Grrrl said...

Queens - Thanks for the love!
Soledad - I heart your blog! I only had about 5 mins to read it but I was gripped by what I read-- would love for you to contribute to a book project I am editing. Let's talk. Thanks for passing thru!

3/28/2006 4:26 PM

Blogger Berry said...

Wondering how the Roberta Flack and V-Day events turned out.

3/29/2006 1:33 PM

Blogger Hot Grrrl said...

Berry- I never made it to the Roberta joint. At the last minute, I had to go out of town, but I went to her site and noticed she has another date in NYC and I'm goingt to try and make it work then. As for VDay, check the new post and get the scoop.

3/30/2006 3:23 AM

Blogger aplomb said...

Hey Mrs Hotness, this post was really insightful...now I have a question myself and a few friends coming to NY april 5th thru the 7th, what are the happening events for those 3 days?? Thanks so much!!

3/30/2006 1:15 PM

Blogger Hot Grrrl said...

Berry - I just checked out your uptown blog. Very nice indeed! I want to talk to you about a project that I'm wokring on so look out for my email.

Aplomb - Dang I don't really know of anything happening on those dates yet but will just email you directly if something comes up. You should definitely check out Ubiquita on Thursday night though (see my blog "4 Things To Do..." for the details).

3/31/2006 3:29 PM

Blogger aplomb said...

Thanks SOOOO Much :)

4/04/2006 3:09 PM

Blogger Michael A. Gonzales said...

loving this site to def/props for doing your thang, and keeping the writing tight/you make a brother very proud/hit me when you can at mackmike15@yahoo.com/we need to chat.

love you,
uncle mike gonzales

4/05/2006 4:19 AM


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