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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Getting My Wings

Ok why did I watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show last night and why did I love every minute of it! When Gisele looked at Carolina, who is decked out in this wicked red and black sequined toy soldier outfit, gun and all (yep, their panty hommage to the Nutcracker) and says, "Kill them with your gun," I couldn't help but smile. These girls were affirming themselves in a way that was, albeit pleasurable to all the drooling boys in the house, but mostly they were having fun and getting off on each other, and doing it for themselves.

I also loved that both Tyra and Naomi strutted their booties side by side on the catwalk. Even though it was Tyra's last runway show, it was clear that none of the grrrls (with the exception of maybe Heidi, but she’s got her own issues including marrying Tyra's ex), had any tears to shed or fond memories to impart... especially Naomi. Ms. Campbell was definitely more concerned with getting her wings and making sure Usher, who was sitting in the first row, got an upclose look at what he was now missing.

With all the hoopla on who actually becomes a top model in this industry, it's no wonder that Tyra is making a run for the hills of Media Moguldom. In the long run Tyra’s absence will not hurt VS sales amongst their throng of thongers. Clearly the 38 DD’s and size 10-14 ladies I see up in VS buying lingerie, garters and green apple scented shower gel, care even less about Tyra leaving than Naomi. The key... err secret to Vicki’s mad success is not Tyra or Naomi or (gasp) Gisele, but it’s their knack or more to the point their branding genius that makes every girl from Compton to Cleveland to Cape Cod feel they have to have a pair of drawers that say Victoria Secrets on the label in order to feel sexy and extravagant (La Perla be damned!). And yes I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of those thongers. When I rock a black lace bra or those oh so comfy purple cotton panties or that hot as hell chemise just because I want to-- sans boyfriend or hot date or prospect thereof, not only do I feel sexy, but in my own little way I'm killin’ em with my gun!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Get Tested!

Today is World AIDS Day and a reminder that if you are getting your swerve on that you need to get tested, or as the folks over here say, "Rap It Up!" HIV/AIDS is ravaging communities of color across the world. It is the #1 cause of death among Black people between the ages of 24 and 44. In 2003, the rate of AIDS diagnoses for African-American women was 25 times that of white women. African American and Hispanic women together represent about 25% of all US women, yet they accounted for 83% of AIDS diagnoses reported in 2003: 67% African-American, 16% Latina. This issue affects us all!

Read this interview I did with my friend and AIDS activist Hydeia Broadbent. You may have seen her on Oprah many years ago or this year on Extreme Home Makeover. Born with the HIV virus, her parents were told that she would not live to see her 8th birthday, this year she turned 21! And folks think Xena is all that? Yo, Hydeia is a real warrior grrrl!