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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Black Grrrls Rule

Yes I’m finally able to crawl out from under that rock where I’ve been writing, hustling, plotting and strategizing. It seems like I’m not the only one trying to take over the world. Tyra Banks is making her move to be what we all thought Ananda would be-- the next princess of media. I just love her America’s Next Top Model! It’s my favorite reality show, but does she have the chops to be the next Oprah? Or better yet, do we really need another Oprah? Lady O is top on this list and is straight doing it. On that note Vanessa Williams (the beauty queen) and Megan Mullally (from Will & Grace) are also said to be getting their own talk shows. I’m not too sure they will have what it takes to keep me tuned-in. Looking at Ellen Degeneres, whom I also adore, it seems like it takes a lot of talent involving a good mix of humor, authenticity, intelligence and wit to pull off the whole talk-show hosting thing. My vote would go to Tyra for most likely to succeed just because she’s already won over a huge demographic with her compassionate, big sista role on ANTM. My comrade and most fave bloggrrrl, Danyel Smith is releasing her second novel, Bliss, and is rumored to be in talks to take over the EIC position at this mag. Go head on cause we all know they could use her Bay Area sass. And while I’m mentioning the Bay Area, I gotta tell you Goapele’s next album is going to blow mad wigs back. Her sound is better than ever and the music is even more lush and less programmed. Her first jawn First Love is really going to put her on the map, if not on MTV. Ready or not, here we come, you can’t hide… ummm that reminds me. What’s up with L Boogie? Ruling or noodling? Tell me what you think!

Today's iTunes Mix: El Son Reggae - Les Nubians, We've Got Enough - Macy Gray, & Baby Boy - Beyonce