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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rock On Barack!

The one thing I know for sure is the power of inspiration is real. And unlike matters of passion and spirituality, I think politics is one of those dubious arenas in which to heed and harness inspiration. Do I think we need it in politics? Oh yeah! But I am so careful to note how it is spun. How it is packaged. I have to admit when Obama first hit the campaign scene, immediately I was drawn into his aura. His message for change caressed my eardrums and indeed my weary spirit. His words had me moist before I even had a chance to do my usual research and background check into homeboy's platform and his history in the Senate. Needless to say, I discovered many a thing about brother Barack. Mostly good. And so now I finally feel I can allow myself to be swayed by his brilliant gift for oratory (his speechwriter is a monster with those metaphors!). And just as his zeal takes a hold of my cynical attitude, Barack done busted out with a music video... and like his speeches, it too has got that magic to morph and move. And will.i.am, what can I say? This brother's game is so tight, and not because he's got MiJac on his sack, but because he's got Barack's victory speech from South Carolina rivaling the soulful urgency of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?" Say word.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politics in America is a well-oiled machine. Nothing is done in an unintentional manner. With Barack I feel proud that there is a Black man representing that is not on trial or acting ignorant and mispronouncing words. Wow, what a relief. But, the conspiracy theorist that I am, I am not sold. Where is Al Gore in all of this? Isn't he one of the most powerful Democrats and he has nothing to say regarding his party. All of the bickering between Clinton/Obama and the Republicans smoothly and quietly issue John McCain the republican nomination. What legislation has gone to Congress and the Senate in the last few months. Does anyone know? Mainstream media does not report politics in a political way but a gossipy, in your face, judgmental way. What happened to objectivity? Are we being bamboozled? I say hell yeah. Some obscure Junior Senator from Illinois that no one ever heard of is going to be the President. Let's add that his is a Black man with a Black white hosting galas at the White house. People what America do we live in. I believe Black folks, the majority of us have no political interest, need to begin at the local level. We need to work with our Mayor's, and the underlings and then move into to State politics and then National level politics. We can't walk before we crawl.

3/06/2008 9:50 AM


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