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Monday, January 07, 2008

Michelle Obama & her man

So how you like ‘em now? While folks where getting caught up in the superfluous, like how Oprah's outfits complemented Barack's ties during their mega campaign tour or how Michelle Obama's dark skin makes her so not the typical wife of a successful/accomplished Black man, or even Whoopi wondering what if Barack were married to a white woman, the Baracks were winning heads over in Iowa (and around the country) with their political movement for change. No doubt I was surprised by the results in Iowa and was just beaming at the eloquence, sophistication and power of his victory speech. His words and how he commanded the mic were straight monstrous—brother's definitely on some Rakim ish. Hillary not so much. Her speech was painful to hear-- like she had more time than words to speak. Girlfriend was tap dancing her way out of Iowa.

On the other hand I love watching Michelle speak. She seems to handle every question with such realness and grace. I've seen her speak on everything from getting her husband to quit smoking to her thoughts around his possible assassination. Michelle is tough and classy; crazy intelligent and still totally down to earth. And if I must dip into the waters of superficiality then please let me say this, with all the hair woes of sisters on the Hill and in the House, it's such a relief to have Michelle whose coif is always tight and right. Maybe now we can all focus on what really matters... cleaning House!

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