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Friday, December 14, 2007

Perfect Holiday, I Am Legend & Erykah Badu

Okay, so is it me or does it seem like Perfect Holiday is just like that other x-mas flick that came out last month? And damn isn't Gabrielle Union in that one too? Maybe I'm wrong. The movies are just so similar that I can't begin to wonder who in da hell thought we needed another movie like this. Two of a kind can be sweet, but give me a break with the whole waiting-to-exhale-chocolate-covered-As The World Turns soul-on-lukewarm-collard greens-drama! I understand that Tyler Perry's vehicle is a money generator but enough already! And last night when I was watching this special preview on BET (I guess this is what I get for watching BET... no offense Alvin & Thembisa!), Gabs Union had the nerve to say the chararcter that Charlie Murphy portrays is similar to some of our music moguls of today and that she's sure Jay-Z and Puffy can relate. Are you fricking kidding me?! Just in case y'all don't know, Gabby plays a divorcee mother of three to Charlie Murphy (who is a famous music exec) and she meets her love (Morris Chestnut, of course) in a mall cause his occupation is part-time Santy Clause. As if Kim Porter (mother of three) would even step foot in a mall and you know she ain't even checking for no man that has a part-time gig wearing a big red costume! And that goes for Tracy Edmonds too. Sheeeit even in real life Morris ain't banking loot like Eddie, not even by a long shot, which is what this movie is-- a long shot into the non-imaginative mind of someone I thought had way more skills on the music side of this here entertainment business... oh well. I know Hollywood doesn't have a clue but c'mon Black folks are so varied, so different, so freaking multi-culti that everytime I look at what's coming down the pike in terms of movies that feature Black folk I throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Well on the upside, all of the flimsiness out there has actually started to make "I Am Legend" look good to me now. I just peeped this trailer and might have to check it out:

I also just peeped this infomercial on Erykah Badu's new single Honey and liked what she said so much that I'd thought I share it with you.


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If only we had someone in Hollywood, greenlighting projects as freeminded, witty and as Black as Erykah then I'm sure I would have seen this on the big screen and not on my laptop. Have a good weekend!

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