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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Vibe Vixen, Uptown, UNleashed & Giant Mags

This may be old news for some but I just found out a few weeks ago that Harriette Cole, the former Editorial Director of Uptown, was recently named Creative Director of Ebony.
Cole’s focus in her new position is to try to strengthen the fashion and beauty coverage in Ebony in order to attract younger readers. She is also responsible for the overall look and design of Ebony, which last underwent a redesign in 2003.
That means major staff changes at Uptown as I hear she also nabbed their Art Director, Corinne Walker, before taking flight from their 1-2-5 offices. Erickka Sy Savane, their Editor at Large, the seat I once filled, has also jumped ship. Staying behind and holding it down are original players Sekou "Writes" and Melissa Kramer. Former Vibe Vixen editor, Ayanna Byrd will take the helm as Uptown's new EIC. I hope the Black muckety-muck mag continues to improve cause the current issue with John Legend on the cover is great and surely their best issue yet! (blogger's note: thanks for finally putting JL on the cover it is a good look)

Speaking of Vixen I hear from a very credible source that former Honey EIC and Essence exec, Michaela angela Davis is front runner for that EIC slot. And while I’m mentioning Michaela let me offer a retraction to something I said earlier about Honey that got her a lil riled up. When I said I wasn’t feeling the “last issues” of Honey I didn’t literally mean the last four that were published while she was rocking the top of the masthead. I just meant I wasn’t feeling the direction-- the overall content, the look of the mag after Joicelyn and Kierna left. I remember seeing only one of the issues that Michaela edited but did not see the other three. I did, however, see the 13 or so issues that were published under the two Ms. A’s that helmed the mag before Michaela and I thought they pretty much sucked!

The only thing that probably sucks over at Giant is that big ole vacuum Smokey is pushing to collect the revenue that that mag must be generating with its fantastic ads and the sweet deal they just closed with Radio One. And let’s not forget they had Jennifer Hudson on their cover before both Vogue and Essence.

And about that Vogue cover I was shocked to hear that Jennifer was the first Af-Am singer to grace its cover. I just knew Beyonce had a hold on that record but I guess my grrrl Jen done came in first again.

And oh my Lord, did y’all hear that allegedly Ron Samuel the former Publisher of the very hot looking mag UNleashedwas indicted on money laundering and is now serving time in a Californian jail. Not sure how true that story is but it is one that I’ve heard on more than one occasion. Does anyone know if there’s anything popping at Essence with either the staff or the direction of the mag? And what’s up with the Source and that other new HipHop Weekly publication that Joicelyn and I think Kierna are both working on with Dave Mays? I haven’t even seen it yet? Have you? C’mon gimme the scoop!

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