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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Winter Heat

Usually when I think about heat in January I think about the crazy Mozambiquen-like heat that burns from the radiators in my apartment or I think about how I feel cozied up on my cranberry colored couch under my angora throw while watching Sex and The City. But I do not think about getting a vanilla-chocolate twist cone from the Mister Softee truck on 69th and Bway. Nor have I ever been asked if I wanted an indoor or outdoor table for brunch, but that was the flow of my day. Whether you attribute today’s ridiculously warm weather to global warming, the impending rapture or to the death of the Godfather of Soul, y’all have to admit this ish is crazy! Brothers were in Union Square wearing Nike dunks, chanting and handing out booklets on yoga. Weird, but fly! I wanted to go to the Coffee Shop for a Caiprinha but it was just a sea of folks posing and pandering and that was just the outdoor wait staff! So I skipped the cocktail and went to Sharaku’s for sushi and the spicy tuna rolls were huge and the tuna was like butta baby. I had a great day and although I was totally freaked out by this balmy heat, I loved every minute of it, but have to admit that deep down inside a lil snow would make feel a tad bit more chill about Mother Nature and whatever trip she is on.



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