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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Different Brew

It’s a dreary day here in Harlem. I ran out of Domino and had to use brown sugar in my coffee. I’m loving the really ruddy taste of my strong brew. Work is pretty slow. I just completed 5 major interviews/ features in 6 weeks—Tyson Beckford, Damon Dash, Faith Evans, Wendy Williams and an art gallery run down, so I’m enjoying the calm cause I know that as a freelance writer I will have to start hustling like tomorrow for that next check. Anyway today I have to return a few more emails and then I'm off to the Bronx to deal with a family emergency. I’m supposed to head to Gracie Mansion later this afternoon for a Harlem Week kick-off gala. I was so looking forward to going there. I mean who gets invited to Gracie?!? They will be honoring Harry Belafonte and Phylicia Rashad two of my favorites, but depending on what happens in the Bronx I may not make it at all. Just read today’s NY Times and there are quite a few interesting stories about grrrls who are breaking new ground cinematically and Goth grrrls that are doing their thing stylistically, and even a few poker grrrls who are giving guys in Vegas a run for their money… literally. Check it!


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