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Monday, May 16, 2005

A Master Mixologist

I like so many other folks couldn’t believe it when I heard Star this morning reading funeral arrangements for Justo Faison aka DJ Just-O who was killed in a car accident on Saturday. Highly instrumental in moving the mixtape and their DJ’s from Bronx basements and Brooklyn street corners to award-presenting stages in NYC to DJ battles on BET to Sony Music boardroom marketing meetings, Justo was a master at mixing the underground with the upper echelons of the music biz. Like 50’s intro to folks was via a mixtape appearance, like the influence of DJ Ron G on the original Bad Boy sound like every time I hear Fat Man Scoop on Mariah’s It’s Like That—this is all a result of the mixtape’s popularity and power in the music game. Justo taught me how to play Madden and a bunch of other Playstation games way back when we worked at the same label. Like I said he knew how to mix it up-- long stressful days with fun video-playing evenings. RIP-- you will surely be missed!

On a lighter note, talking about mixology... big-up to Sophie at Native in Harlem for her clever mojito martini concotion that she was serving-up last night. Yummy! Lots of writing to do this week so I gotta bounce. Don't wanna crack under the pressure like someone else we all know and love, beeyotch.

Heaven is really shining in beautiful Blackness this year:
Ossie Davis
Shirley Chisolm
Johnnie Cochran
Justo Faison
Judge Bruce Wright
my Aunt Susie and countless others

Today’s iPod shuffle: La Septima Ola- Los Ladrones, The Second Time Around- Shalamar, Now That We Found Love- Third World, Falling- Gaelle, Two Words- Kanye West f. Mos Def, Freeway & The Harlem Boys Choir


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