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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Word On The Street

Word On The Street was this one-off column I did for Uptown magazine. I really had fun doing it and I've gotten a lot of great feedback and hush-hush info so I think I will continue the tradition right here in my blogosphere. It's so funny how people love to talk to journalists about info that is supposedly confidential. Since the column came out in late April I've gotten a number of calls from publicists with the low down or is it the down low on what's about to pop. Most of it is about real estate and industry haps. Like did you hear that this huge household goods mega store is opening on 125th Street? And for us late night revelers that love a good bite at 2am this Chelsea eatery is supposedly opening shop uptown. The owners of Rao's-- the clubby East Harlem eatery where you have to know someone to get a table-- had a secret weapon to ensure a good turnout at last month's broker-only preview of the 22 luxury apartments upstairs called Rao's City Views. Word spread that the Corcoran Group had secured a supply of this, for which Rao's is internationally known. Of course everyone wanted to see the apartments, which are renting for $2,200 to $6,000 a month. And oh yeah, Bette Midler's hubby has even gotten in on the action. He is having an art gallery built on Lenox Avenue right next to the ultra deluxe Normandie. Two weeks ago I was having drinks downtown at this Caribbean- soul food hot spot when I overheard the owner talking about a new outpost she is opening on 145th. That news called for another round of their yummy, yummy watermelon martinis. Also the guys from Emperor's Roe caviar company are opening up a caviar cafe/ sushi bar on Lenox Ave & 120th Street giving that part of the hood it's first sushi destination. It's about time!!! Did you hear that this mogul is allegedly having issues not only with his label but also with his very profitable urban clothing line? Okay, the movie was phenomenal but do we really need the Broadway musical version to drive the point home? I’m actually relieved that Jamie Foxx is not involved. I had the opportunity to hang with him last summer and he is one of the funniest, most apt storytellers I’ve ever met. So smart and witty—real people fo’ sho! Word has it he is now busy working in NYC. Talking about biopics I got an email last week from someone who just interviewed Q-Tip. Word has it that Tip aka Kamaal has a script and is prepping to be Miles Davis in an upcoming project. And last but not least if you have the loot and are big on historic detail and authentic aesthetic value (yes I read Elle Décor, baby!) then you need to haul your booty to Harlem and check out Jeff Bennett (who left the Tribeca development scene) - and Rocky Radoncic’s (an expert in historic restoration) project. They are doing ground-up construction at 48-52 W. 127th St., makeovers of an 1882-vintage former blacksmith's shop at 264 W. 124th St. and of a five-story warehouse at 267 W. 124th St. And you thought the meatpacking district was hot?!? Happy Long Weekend!

Today’s iTunes Shuffle: Baby Boy – Beyonce f. Sean Paul; Long Relax- Cinematic Orchestra; Faded – Ben Harper; Deliciously Down - Cree Summer; Lovers Rock - Sade


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