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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Kimora Lee’s Fabulosity

Last Monday night I went by Hue Man bookstore in Harlem to check out Miss Kimora and to get an up close look at what she and all this talk about Fabulosity was all about. One thing’s for sure it’s not about being punctual. I got there around 6:45 and there were people at the door shouting to passersby on the street to come on in and see Kimora...live! You would think they were promoting some three-headed freak marquee circus act, but then of course that would have probably enticed more people to attend than the numbers that actually showed. There were police barricades and even a red velvet rope outside, but none of that was needed as Hue Man easily accommodated the 40 or so people that came (a fraction of the folk that showed up for Wendy Williams and Alicia Keys). Finally, an hour after her scheduled book signing was to begin, Kimora, sporting a beautiful green spaghetti-strapped top entered, the cameras flashed, the crowd applauded and Kimora took center stage...well actually she doubled back into a room and closed the door. Five minutes later she emerged, but now wearing a fur jacket and rocking a gazillion dollar smile. Oddly for someone whose book is not flying off the shelves, her publicist BJ Coleman seemed really nonchalant about the whole affair. He limited her Q&A to like 10 minutes (despite the 20 people w/ raised hands and inquiring minds) and he didn’t allow for any interviews. As if that move would put a stop to the negative press and scathing interviews Kimora seems to attract?! I remember last year, maybe two years ago, I was asked to interview her, but only with the understanding that Andre Harrell would be asking the questions and that her peeps have final say on the finished copy. Needless to say that never happened, but I think she ended up making the pages of said mag anyway for her alleged drug possession charge. That mug shot got 10 times more play than her naked booty Baby Phat ad. Anyway I digress. Back at HueMan, Kimora, (unlike her handlers), was mad friendly, took a ton of photos with anyone who asked and seemed to prefer to talk to the girls in the house than talk about her book. About Fabulosity, Russell’s wife did have this to say:
Fabulosity is knowing that you are fabulous and that you deserve to be here. That everything (you) are doing is what you are supposed to be doing at that moment.
She also mentioned that every girl should wear something gold to play up our golden complexions and that we should not leave home without a tube of lip gloss. Okay so now we know that there is no fabulosity without a hot pink tube of lip gloss and self-confidence requires an over the top cache of bling and oh yeah, it doesn't hurt if your man is rich. Well aren't you glad that being theHotness is so much simpler than being fabulous?!?

Upcoming Book Signings:

03.20.06 12:30 PM at Barnes & Noble – North Broad Street. Philly, PA (Temple Univ.)
04.04.06 7:00 PM at FIT – West 27th Street. New York, NY.


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