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Friday, November 10, 2006

NBA Wives Posting Up & Making Moves

Here lately the women married to pro-basketball players are making just as much press as their high-profile counterparts. There was Vanessa clutching the hand of her weeping, fornicating hubby Kobe. Then there's the other Vanessa (the former Miss America), who got on The Wendy Williams Show and said that if she ever caught her husband in a situation like Kobe's she would not be as sympathetic. I think she used the term "beatdown" to describe how it would play out and as we all know as soon as the current co-star of Ugly Betty saw those photos of Rick Fox hugged up on some other chick their marriage was a wrap. (BTW have you seen the recent photos of Vanessa & her 29-year old boytoy, errr boyfriend-- I ain't mad at you grrrl!) Oh and we can't forget Kendra Davis who got in an altercation with a fan while in Chicago at a Bulls-Knicks game. Mrs. Davis from the video I saw totally showed her arse—neck rolling, teeth sucking, finger-pointing and cursing all while the fan sat there in shock and awe. Of course that led to her hubby rushing the stands and then being suspended for five games and subsequently traded to the Raptors to never be heard from again!

And recently I stumbled on an article in a mag that will remain nameless for now because I am so disgusted by their current cover story (can you guess which one) about Doug Christie and his wife Jackie. From the short Q&A and from the press release promoting their new show Committed, Jackie sounds like a total loon-- insanely insecure, jealous, controlling and demanding. If nothing else, and I do mean nothing else, her adoring qualities make for a great reality show, at least that's what the folks at BET are hoping. But check it, the press release states:
The Christies are a committed couple with a loving relationship that transcends the household. Jackie travels with Doug for the team’s away games; prohibits Doug from granting interviews to female reporters without her presence and the couple has had a re-commitment ceremony in each of the ten years since their marriage.
As if this is something healthy or aspirational or even normal!

Well I guess the rest of the NBA wives are tired of the few bad apples that keep spoiling their Pradaesqued profile so besides the ones that double as authors (Crystal McCrary Anthony) and book store owners (Rita Ewing & Celeste Johnson) there's the quaint, and very aspirational crew who actively form Behind The Bench. Last night I attended a BTB benefit at Audemars Piguet on East 57th Street. I was invited by Morris Reid of Westin Rinehart (he's the dude that has the very fabulous benefit [w/his wife] for VH-1 every summer in the Hamptons-- maybe this means next year I'll get an invitation). Needless to say I wasn't sure what to expect especially since my perception of NBA wives have no doubt been tainted by the aforementioned and more of what I've seen personally at industry parties and All-Star Weekend events. But since my neighbor, Marita, who is married to Earl "The Pearl" Monroe is one of the most down-to-earth peeps I know, I was hopeful. As soon I got there I saw Marita and her daughter Maya. I grabbed a glass of Moet and looked around, talked to a couple of people and looked at more watches (I absolutely love watches so I was totally content).

The party itself could have been a benefit given by anybody for anything meaning that there really wasn't an overt or obvious NBA slant to it except for when Shaquille showed up (and get this he turned down Charisse Jordan's request to take a photograph with her because Shaunie his wifey would not be obliged and Charisse, please know, is the President of BTB and is married to a coach-- kinda reeked of that crazy NBA wifey paranoia, huh). The music was banging courtesy of Damon DeGraff and even the President of Audemars, NA-- Francois-Henry Bennahmias was getting down to Rick James' Give It To Me Baby-- and let me tell you Franco's got mad rhythm. So I guess you can say it was all good as I think I also saw a couple of folks buying watches and the money that they are raising from these events (the next one will be in Vegas during All Star Weekend) will go to charities like various Boys and Girls Clubs around the country. If nothing else, BTB does something in the way of raising the profile of NBA wives. And it's definitely gotta be a better use of ones energy than sitting next to your man in a stinky locker room while he is being interviewed by Ananda Lewis.


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