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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

9 Things I'm Thankful For

During this holiday season I can't help but look back on my life and on a year that is quickly coming to an end and be thankful for a few things.. well okay, 9 things:

1. I'm thankful that Nicole Ritchie was either honest enough or high enough to admit she was on drugs when recently arrested for DUI. It gives me hope that maybe she'll finally fess up to having an eating disorder and Im not talking about that nutritional conundrum that is allegedly keeping her from gaining weight cause we all saw the photos of her pre-Simple Life and that badunka-dunk was quite full of junka-junk. "Yes I smoke weed and yes I only eat the pickles when I order Big Macs." C'mon girl you can say it!

2. Thankful that Rupert Murdoch had sense enough to shut down OJ's If I Hadda Done It publicity stunt. Talk about a real dummy!

3. Thankful that that 3-ring circus of a wedding by Tomkat is finally over. Maybe I can hear some real news for a change. Like hello there is a war and yeah police are still shooting elderly Black women and unarmed Black men... 50 times no less.

4. I am eternally grateful that there will be no more Flavor of Love episodes. Which means no more booty-shaking (now I can simply rely on BET for all of that), spitting, sneaker-throwing and oh we just can't forget all the other sh*t that went down! And I specifically mean the feces going down that chick's leg who thought it prudent to crap on herself just to make sure she got a clock. (Although the premiere for I Love New York is right around the corner I am predicting this will flop and not leave the kind of nasty imprint as its predecessor).

5. I saw Terrence Howard yesterday and as he was checking me out, I returned the love. Can't say I spotted his ubiquitous man-purse, which I am actually so thankful for (hated it!), but I think he was with his moms and so maybe she was carrying his stash in her bag.

6. Thank you Lordy for no more America’s Next Top Model too. See number 4 for why I'm glad to see this boob tube bore end its season run (i.e. the stereotypes). Just substitute the contestant crapping on herself for that chick who faked peeing in the bed. What the hell is up with these sisters and bodily functions that should be taking place in the privacy of their bathrooms and not on national TV. Besides I'm still reeling from Nnenna not winning season 6. Even the special guests photographers and modeling reps were like she has the potential to be the biggest ANTM winner and that was like in the third episode, but yet Danielle wins. Like I said I'm flabbergasted and no, that ain't something I can just deal with in the bathroom.

7. For TMZ.com. Because of them rarely is there any instance or event that goes unrecorded. Thanks to them we are able to see in living color how one of America's funny men from one of America's most beloved comedies flips the N-word again and again and again. Can we say comedy of errors?

8. Maxwell's return!

9. And finally I'm thankful for this blog being so fresh (yeah I'm patting myself on the back) that NY MAG is bitin our rhymes and Gawker is reporting on fabulous folk that we done talked about almost a year ago. Now that's why we're theHotness and they're just not!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12/17/2006 11:33 PM

Blogger LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs said...

A note on the African sis....stunning yes but dang boring...come on girl. i hear you now but nah...i was not complaining when it was her time to go.

luv luv

1/19/2007 8:55 PM


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