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Thursday, July 06, 2006


If you can believe it, there seems to be more fireworks in urban culture/media nowadays than there seemed to be in the sky on Tuesday night:

Fellow blogrrrl Danyel has gotta be naked cartwheeling with her new post as EIC of this mag , which she held back in the late 90’s. I think it's a good look, but dang anything is a good look after recent lackluster covers (i.e. Lil' Wayne) and pretty significant subscribership dips (no offense to Mimi b/c I don't believe one woman is responsible for the entire tarnishing of a major brand).

And what's up with Star Jones and how she flipped the script on top execs at ABC, including her supposed mentor Barbara Walters. I never liked the self-described diva ever since she dissed me and my peeps at Lauryn Hill's Miseducation concert tour 8 years ago at MSG. She literally shoved her way passed us through the VIP entrance hollering that she doesn't do lines anywhere for anyone (never mind that I was working at Lauryn's label at that time and that I was with two execs from a company responsible for co-sponsoring the tour). Whatever B! Looks like you'll be doing them lines now!

And talking about doing lines... what the hell was Dallas Austin thinking when he packed a lil' over a gram of coke next to his boxers for his flight to Dubai? That is just plain ole STUPID! Now he's facing four years in an Arab prison. Good luck with that one son!

And back to Vibe for a minute it seems that this blogger is still bitter about their treatment under Mimi's leadership or according to her, the lack thereof. And in this post is Bitter Vibes hinting (by using the word naked) that A. Byrd at Vixen is about to be out too. Having just met her while in St. Martin I thought she was cool and now it seems so sad to hear she may lose her post. I don't think I'm in the demo that VV is reaching out to so I don't really connect with the mag but it's honestly not that bloody awful.

Finally I just want to say big-up to Petal. I usually go out east on the Fourth, but this year due to circumstances beyond my control I ended up in the core of the Apple. It was by in large a fresh 4 days because I met new people, saw an old associate, and discovered some cool things. I met Petal on Friday evening and she is this freakingly crazy good bartender at this east village spot. She made these blueberry mojitos that were intoxicatingly indescribable. They were tangy and sweet, refreshing yet soothing, both sexy-smooth and refined hard. She set my long weekend off and popping with this, and not this. Yep that's the grown and hotness way to do the Fourth!


Anonymous Koketso said...

Grrrrl u are so worong for putting up that old picture of STAR . LMAO!! Its so funny that u say that about vibe.. because I used to be one of those subscribers and now I cant even remember the last time I bought Vibe. How are you anyway?

7/21/2006 10:32 AM

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