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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Reading Is Fund(wo)mental

So what if the title of this post is a tad corny, it's the most appropriate for my rant today. How weird is it to discover that your man is reading your books? Not very, you say. Okay but what if that book is He's Just Not That Into You. A lil' weird, huh. It's one of those books that I usually find myself reading in the little grrrls room (btw-- the best room for reading ever!) and this morning when I went to the shower I noticed the book on the bathtub ledge opened to Chapter 9: He's Just not That Into You If He's Disappeared on You. Being only up to chapter 7 myself (the he's not into you if he doesn't wanna marry you chapter, duh) I quickly turn the shower on and skip ahead to see what my friend has gleaned from what I consider to be grrrls-only reading. You feel me? So like every other chapter the authors-- Greg and Liz-- have some examples that are half 'oh so common' and the other half are of the totally ridiculous sort like "my boyfriend of 6 months went to visit his mom in Boston and he never called me. When I called his mom's to speak to him, she says that he is visiting friends in Florida. I never ever heard or saw him again." Wow. Not being into you is an understatement. You were his chick on the side, his NYC amusement whenever he was in town and bored. All of these thoughts are running through my mind when suddenly the steam from the shower not only clears my nasal passages but gets me open to the fact that today my boyfriend of six months tells me he is going to visit his mom in the Hamptons today for a few days. Is he trying to figure out how to play a disappearing act without alerting me to the dead giveaway signs so clearly illustrated in this book of grrrls gone wildly delusional who need this book, a hobby and a hug? Not too worried that I'll become a footnote in chapter 9 I take my time to shower-- exfoliating, shaving and all. Afterwards I casually ask if he found the book interesting. He says that he thinks the book is dead-on and that he didn't know grrrls could get so serious about one date or one phone call or even a Weekend Getaway. Basically it's a Mars/ Venus thing or rather, a "If I say it is, then it is so" thing. My friend explains that if a man does NOT say he's into you, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you then no matter what, his actions are probably a crock of ish. (Of course I know a couple of guys who say all the right things just to get you open and of course, that aspect of The Game my friend does not discuss) He also said now he felt bad and had a ton of remorse for the women, he now realizes were probably making up excuses for his former flaky behind. Huumph, serves him right. That's what he gets for reading chick lit. Needless to say he called me while on the highway and once he arrived. It's good to know, that as of this writing, he's so into me! Aaahh this new Mariah song I just added to my playlist is up—It's Like That. Later!


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how do you get to write for the the voice and such papers?? just curious... :)

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